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Influencer partnerships AREN’T working for crypto companies & NFT drops here is why..

As the crypto space continues to increase in popularity, companies want to make sure they are in the forefront of these new potential user

But the issue many companies are having is that they are paying celebs to get in front of people BUT they aren’t seeing a return

Why? They aren’t getting in from of the RIGHT people

If you are hiring someone solely based on followers or clout your influencer campaign usually contains these red flags :

- Influencers target audience doesn’t match your ideal user

- The campaign doesn’t match the celebs brand identity ( and the audience knows )

- There is no real strategy for after the users get on the platform

- Very little education to their audience about what the crypto space

The result? A bunch of random users who don’t engage and eventually will go idle and result in low ROI

That’s why we curate campaigns and match our clients with the RIGHT influencers and Celebs to ensure they get engaged users to their platform and continue to build their online community

P.S. Interested in getting marketing help with your NFT drop? send an email to

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