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Shareef O’Neal dropped the first NIL NFT trading card

Shareef O’Neal dropped the first NIL NFT trading card…but did he drop the ball on this NFT drop? Let’s dive in

We all know being the first to do something means it won’t be perfect so I wanted to shine light on what I would have done differently in this drop:

1. I would have announced the at least 30 days before

2. Create a real rollout strategy ( shareef only posted about it once )

3. Create the discord community before the NFT drop

4. Educate his current fans on what NFTs are and how to purchase one

5. Include his family in the rollout since NFTs holders will be getting access to exclusive family photos

Nevertheless this drop will be precedent for future NCAA to be able to monetize off their brand and that’s the most exciting piece

P.S. interested in getting marketing help with your NFT drop? Send an email to

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