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NFT DROP Marathon X Blankos: Can The Marathon Continue Without The Culture?

In NFT news

Marathon clothing brand has partnered with blankos and dropped an NFT

Now we all know Nipsey was super innovative and always believed in ownership

But based on the roll out of the NFT was this really for the culture ? Let’s take a look

So the first time blankos mentioned the drop on their feed was on November 13 ( about 10 days before the drop )

But the marathon brand didn’t post about it on their feed until 3 days before

Now I know most people don’t believe in full out roll outs anymore BUT

When you are marketing to consumers who are unfamiliar with the product it’s important to

1. Educate- a key component many NFT drops are missing

2. Give them notice

If not you will have comments like the ones I saw “ what is this? “ “ how do we buy it?”

Based on comments I know many of the supports were left out of this NFT drop and still don’t even understand NFT

While others profit off of our culture </