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Discord Could Be The Fall Of Your NFT Drop

Discord could be the rise and FALL of every coin and NFT drop….let’s dive in

Based on its minimalistic and tech design/integrations discord isn’t usually categorized as a “ social media platform” more of a community group chat BUT one thing that discord has in common with social media apps is the minimal amount of data you can pull from your group

Once users join your discord the only information you can download is their name…which isn’t to helpful since most go by a user came and don’t include a real picture

What if you want to nurture your audience off the discord app how will you contact them?

Or worse what if your discord is deleted ?

We all know thanks to algorithms social media only shows your post to a certain number of followers so what is your answer ?

Email & text message marketing! Ownership of user data is key to always having access to your audience without having to worry about any app shutting you down

How will you collect this data? An easy solution would be to set up a landing page to collect emails & numbers before giving access to the discord ( similar to what service providers do with freebies )

That what you can reach you audience no matter what app is having a malfunction

This is just one of the community management tactics we use within within our marketing campaigns to ensure our clients are able to nurture and create long lasting relationships with their audience

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