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5 Things we can learn from Pepsi NFT Drop

5 Things we can learn from Pepsi NFT

1. Build a community- Pepsi has built a really strong community over the years of people that are waiting to buy anything they drop

2. Check your links- they had a hiccup with people trying to connect with metamask, always check your links from customer view

3. Whitelist- creating a white list or pre order before your drop is a great way to gauge interest in the NFT

4. Educate- though many folks in the NFT audience were ready to purchase Pepsi’s main audience weren’t and barely knew what an NFT was

5. Don’t be a cash grab - it’s very obvious that big corporations are dropping NFTs with the thought of a quick sale…instead they should be thinking of longevity with the collections and really define what ownership of these NFTS can mean for their audience