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The 2.5 Second Rule Explained

What is the 2.5 second rule you ask? ( no it doesn't have anything to do with food)

That is how long it takes for someone to decide if they are going to follow your page..THINK ABOUT IT

How long does it take for your to scroll up and down the page to decide if you want to follow someone? A few seconds right?

That is why it's super important to make sure the structure of your profile is in line to attract your ideal client

You would be surprised how something as a simple as one word in a bio can turn off a potential customer

For example: A previous client of mine is a personal trainer, they wanted to train 9-5ers who have fallen off their fitness journey and want to get back into shape..

Yet in their bio they mentioned that they create workout for ex athletes...

Little did he know, he was missing out on TONS of client flow, why? if you were not previously an athlete you may think that trainer or his workouts would be to intense for you

See how one word can make a difference?

Potential customers look at three things when deciding if they want to follow you:

1. Bio

2. Highlights

3. Overall feed

Here are three tips to get you in the right direction:

1. Include what you do and who you serve in your bio

2. Make sure your highlights are ye catching & cohesive to your brand</