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#1 Reason Your Instagram Engagement Is Low

So I know you are wondering...okay Ashley tell me the tea on why my engagement is trash

Well your engagement is low because ...YOU AREN’T ENGAGING

Now before you exit out of this window HEAR ME OUT!!!!

You can’t expect for people to engage with your content if you don’t engage with theirs

That is like someone talking to you and you not responding but you continue to wait for them to speak to just doesn’t make sense

I am going to give you a few tips on how to improve your engagement with your followers

1. Respond ! Respond!

You complain about having low engagement, but you can’t take the time to respond to 5 comments under a post….

If Gary Vee who has millions of comments can take the time to thoughtfully respond to people SO CAN YOU!

This is how you build relationships with your engaging in dialogue, answering questions, and just communicating in general

So many people tell me how surprised and shocked they are that I respond to them because so many people on social media don’t interact with their followers

Doing something as simple as responding to a comment or a DM can really set you apart from the rest

2. Interact with other accounts

News Flash: you can’t just post your picture on your feed and expect tons of engagement to flow to your profile

You need to interact with other profiles to receive engagement

Take the time to not only like , but comment on people’s content

Don’t just interact with the people you hashtags and look on bigger account pages to find new profiles to interact with

This will keep new faces coming to your profile and your engagement rate up!

Remember don’t be lazy with your comments..provide some thoughtful insights or a nice compliment under want your engagement to be sincerely and not like a bot

3. Go Live

Going live is a great way for you to engage with your’s like facetiming all of your followers at once

They are able to see the real you in real time which makes you more authentic to them ( which is key when you want to convert them into followers)

Take the time to go live at least once a week for 20-30 minutes and engage with your followers

Pick a topic and have some pre written notes so you are able to bring them value when you go live

Take questions after you drop your gems an even add one of your followers to go live with you

If you like these tips and want to learn more strategies on how to increase your engagement click the here to grab my engagement guide

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