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Collaboration Not Competition

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I have seen more times than not, where influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs etc are in competition with each other. Yes, twitter fingers have become a trend on social media, people throwing shade and making slight jabs to peers within their industry. While you may gain some followers for the sole purpose of seeing how the shade plays out, most people while gladly swipe by and search for a person who is more focused on their business than shading the next person.

So let me say this…. CONSTANTLY TRYING TO COMPETE WITH OTHERS IS ONLY GOING TO HURT YOU IN THE LONG RUN! You get so caught up about what the next person is doing that your own brand starts to suffer!

Instead of side eyeing the next person….reach out to them, exchange ideas and tips, and collaborate on a project! You are stronger together than you are apart! Collaborating with others within your industry can create exposure that you may not have had previously. Everyone follows people for different reasons, a person who may have not previously followed you or even seen you page now sees you on the page of the person you have collaborated with… now they know who you are, check out your page, and may even follow you…see how that works?

An amazing example of how collaboration can increase exposure for you is the joined forces of the Puff Cuff and the Cut Buddy. These are two different companies that created products sold within the hair/ beauty industry. The Puff Cuff was created to be an alternative to a hair tie, and Cut Buddy was created to help men be able to cut their own facial hair. These two companies were able to combine their efforts and promote sales associate with their companies, create exposure , and even a mini commercial ( which can be watched here)

These two companies could have continued to promote their products separate, but with the collaboration of the two products they were able to reach an audience bigger than they would by themselves.


Reach out to people within and outside of your industry

Exchange ideas, learn from each other, and collaborate on projects to help grow each other’s brand!!!

Helping to water someone else’s plant is not going to take away from the growth of yours!

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