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Why Your Gmail Email Isn't Cutting It

Around '06-'08 we all officially switched over from our screen name associated AOL email and joined the Gmail team. While your Gmail may have been sufficient for submitting school assignments and even job applications it just wont cut it for your business email.

As discussed, in the influencer package, you need to do things that not only set you apart from others, but that will show people that you are serious about your business and your brand. Which includes having a professional business email. For example, if you received an email from a major company and you saw that the sender email was ending in would you take it seriously? NO! You would most likely think its spam or someone trying to scam you…

Well you should have the same mentality when it comes to your email. So, how do you go about creating a professional email? By creating an email through your own domain name.

Domain names were developed to help identify entities on the internet. It is apart of a network address that shows what company or business it belongs too. Domain names are owned by the company or business that it is connected too. When you are online shopping and see or those are domain names that are owned by those particular companies. A domain name can be connected to your website as well as your email address.

DON’T WORRY you do not have to be a huge company to purchase a domain AND they are pretty cheap (around $12 a year and $5 a month to connect emails).

Your domain name should consist of the name of your business or brand, for example, I have a domain name for my consulting company, which is, and I have a domain name for my own personal brand If the name you want is taken trying playing around with different variations, but making sure that it’s not too far off from the actual name of your business

You can purchase a domain name from websites such as,, snap names, or Google Domains. I prefer Google Domains since I already have a Gmail account and the process of creating a domain name was a lot easier for me.

Once you set up your domain name you can almost instantly set up an email associated with your domain name! Then you can proceed to set your website with your domain name as well.

One IMPORTANT factor to keep in mind when creating and maintaining a domain name is, making sure that you are keeping up to date with your payments concerning your domain name. Let me tell you why…. if your payment for your domain name has expired, your site, email, or anything else associated with the domain name will be shut down. And it might take a few hours for it to start working again.

Also, there are people who lurk and wait for domain names to expires so that they can purchase them and then charge the company or person thousands of dollars to buy the domain name back (don’t let that be you!) I have my payments on automatic renewal so that I do not have opted worry if they have been paid or not.

Have questions about setting up the domain name or other business start up inquires? Set up a call with me I will happy to answer your entire questions just click here.

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