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The One Thing Brands Are Not Telling You!

Okay so here is the thing…when brands reach out to you or vice versa, there is something that they are not telling you…


I know this seems a bite obvious, but let me break it down for you.

Usually, when brands approach influencers or those with a social media presence that they want to work with, they suggest a compensation that they would like to pay you.



Because they have A LOT more money to offer, how do I know this? Well companies have a pretty big budget for marketing, and now that social influencers and social media marketing is KEY for businesses to reach a broader audience, they have a special budget for that alone.

They know most people don’t really know these things or may be scared to question the compensation offered,…because hey at least its something right? Or they could easily just ask someone else? NO NO NO NO!

Keep in mind that they have reached out to YOU for a reason, you fit their marketing scheme and your followers fall into their target audience so trust me they need you.

So, I say all of this to say, their representative who reaches out to you is going to offer you the lowest number that they think you will take… because they know most people will not question it. I am here to tell you to QUESTION IT! and NEGOITATE !

If you accept a low compensation just one time, it will be hard for you to negotiate for a higher compensation on later projects. Now, I know some of you are thinking, I don’t want to barter or go at war with any company just for a few extra dollars. I understand.

That’s why its important for to state your prices upfront in your initial email with the company, if they suggest a lower price you can refer them back to your rate care and media kit that lay out your prices. In my Influencer Package, I lay out for you, ( IN DETAIL )how to create your rate card and media kit.

So, to summarize everything I have just previous discussed: never take the first price they offer, negotiate, present your prices upfront in the initial email ( that should be located on your rate card or within your media kit), and SECURE THE BAG.

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