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The 3 C's of Creating Exposure for your Brand

Creating exposure for your brand is one of the key ways to monetize off of your content. The great thing about creating the right exposure for your brand is that the companies you want to work with will start reaching out to YOU. Here are three components to have brands knocking at your door wanting to give your their money!.

1. Consistency

This is really important, especially for people just starting out and are still trying to grow their following. When you post consistently people will start to look out for your post, and followers become unconditionally trained to look for YOUR content at a specific date and time. Thankfully with the analytics that are built into social media platforms you do not have to guess the time or date that gets the most engagement by posting at random times. Look at the times that you get the most engagement and stick to posting at that particular time.

When followers and brands observe you posting consistently they know that you are trying to develop a social media presence that is here for the long haul. People will post a photo once or twice tagging a particular brand or company hoping they notice and will send them free stuff ( or pay them). Because of this brands tend to only reach out to influencers who have posted their brand or product consistency over time. This way they can sift through the opportunist vs. the ones who are trying to develop a lasting social media presence.

There are tons of people trying to become influencers on social media, if you slack in your consistency of posting, you will lose the engagement from your followers and another influencer will gain that engagement.

2. Collaborations

Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate!!!! As an influencer your reach only goes so far, lets be honest. Why wouldn't you want to reach a entirely new market of people for the free?? Collaborating with other influencers or creatives can gain exposure for your page that it may have not previously been able to reach. Also, different influencers attract different brands based on what that particular brand is looking for. If another influencer post a collaboration you did with them on their page, you will get exposure to other brands that you wouldn't have had access to by just posting on your page.

Now, when I talk collaboration I don't mean use bigger influencers to get exposure or just work with anyone who contacts you to do a collaboration. Make sure you do your research to make sure the influencer is in line with the brand and exsposure you are trying to attract. You don't want to let one collaboration mess up your entire image as an influencer.

3. Content