DIY Press Kit Package

Stop wasting your time researching on how to work with brands

When I can give you the tools to  get PAID by brands RIGHT HERE

Your Time is VALUABLE!

Its TIME to invest in yourself

Its TIME to invest in your brand
Its TIME to invest in your business

So you log onto Instagram and see an someone working with X company, You think to yourself, I can do that, I want to work with them too!

So research " how to work with brands?", start stalking your favorite pages and get SUPER motivated 

You start posting amazing content featuring their products or things that you think will attract that company, you even reach out to the company to express your interest in working with them, BUT one of three things happen: 1. They don't respond, 2. They want you to purchase a product before working with them 3. They just offer you free products UGHHH!


But, HOW? that was suppose to be YOU!

You were suppose to be the one collecting that coin! and hearing that ding noise as that paypal notification goes off!

By now you just want to take whatever you can get and only receive free products or discount codes from the brands you want to work with

But what if I you had the tools... the information on how to interact with businesses to receive that coin!

What if you could start utilizing these tools today?


The DIY Press Kit Package


So whats included?


  • Step by Step detail on how to create a press kit

  • Downloadable Press Kit Template

  • Downloadable Email Blurb to send to brands

  • Downloadable Press Kit example

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" Ashley's DIY Press Kit Package has gotten me paid by brands with having  a following under 5K"

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Imagine the equipment and resources you could invest in with ACTUALLY making money from working with brands! Get your package NOW

Is the DIY Press Kit Package right for you?

This is for you If you:

  • You are tired of working for FREE

  • Want more than FREE products

  • Want to monetize off of your content

  • Tired of getting taken advantage of by brands

  • Want to work with major brands

  • Don't have time to be wasting on trying to learn about " business"

This is NOT for you if you:

  • You don't want to work with brands or businesses

  • Don't want to monetize off of your content

  • Okay with JUST getting free products from companies

  • Have time to waste sifting through information on how to work with businesses

  • All you care about is being INSTAfamous

Meet Your Consultant

Ashley France

Hi there, I am Ashley France, I am a business and entertainment consultant that teaches people how to handle their BUSINESS. I have developed a number of services and resources to make sure people are monetizing off of their services, content, and talents.

Over the past year I have built my personal brand working with major brands and creating consistent monthly income from it! I wanted to implement everything I have learned along with my numerous years of school and business work to help other influencers alike

Usually I charge my one- on- one clients hundreds of dollars for this information, but I have packaged up the vital information for influencers into one cohesive package. I wanted to make it accessible to people with a big vision and a small budget. Lets get your brand to the next level

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

After you purchase your package you will have access to printable information and guides for all of your business essentials

Will I have access to You?

Yes! even though I have broken down each section of the package I will be available for questions by email.

How will I access the Material?

Once you have completed your purchase you will be able to download the package as a PDF straight to your computer

Is this a one time payment?

Yes! once you have placed your payment the materials are for you to keep FOREVER. it will not expire.

Start monetizing off your content TODAY