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You are here because you are serious about becoming an influencer and getting paid by brands

You log onto Instagram and see yet another person posting a "sponsored" ad! you think to yourself.... I can do this! but how do I get started? How do I get brands to send me free products and PAY ME!

INTRODUCING......Becoming an Influencer 101 Program

I am taking on a few individuals who want to become influencers within a particular industry

What does this program include?

  • Personal Brand Plan

  • Instagram MakeOver

  • Tips on Increasing Engagement and Following

  • Ways to get paid by brands while having a small following

  • Press Kit to Send to Brands

  • Learn how to approach brands

  • One on One Brand Development Sessions

  • and more

Still trying to decide if this bootcamp is right for you? Pull out your phone and check your banking app... Could you use some extra coins to do what you already do on a regular basis? Do you want to make some extra money by just posting on Instagram?


Thats what I thought.... Now meet your consultant below

Hi there, I am Ashley France, I am a business and entertainment consultant that teaches people how to handle their BUSINESS. I have developed a number of services and resources to make sure people are monetizing off of their services, content, and talents.



Over the past year I have built my personal brand working with major brands and creating consistent monthly income from it! I wanted to implement everything I have learned along with my numerous years of school and business work to help other influencers alike



I get asked questions all the time about how to become an influencer and get paid by brands, so I decided to take on a few people and show them how to become influencers and make some extra coins!

Ready to start getting paid by brands?


Click the button below to sign up for this program!

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