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imagine a world where

You have an online community that not only actively buys from you, but a place where people engage, network, and build together..And you don't have to buy fake followers or use bots to build it

You might be having a hard time when it comes to building your online community.

Does this sound like you?


  • You feel stuck 

  • Don't know how to attract your ideal audience

  • You struggle with being consistent

  • Have little to no engagement in your community chat

  • Struggle with selling out your projects

  • Don't know how to break into the Web3 community

  • Having issues with attracting and keeping engaged users

  • Bots and fake followers aren't working

  • Tired of working with " influencers' that don't deliver results

  • Want to create an engaged group of people who support your projects

  • Struggle with growing your online community

Look no further! The answer to your prayers is a class with me:

Hi I'm Ashley

I am a Web3 marketing strategist that works with blockchain technology companies and brands/business that drop Web3 projects

I help people launch and marketing their Web3 projects to sold out launches 

I help them:

Curate an engaged roadmap

Build an engaged online community 

Create a full rollout campaign strategy

Curate a brand narrative to attract their online audience


The Community Building Class Includes:

How to identify your ideal audience

Curate a brand narrative to attract your ideal audience

How to break into the Web3 community

Organic tactics and strategies on how to grow your online community organically

How to utilize thought leaders and influencers in Web3 to grow your community

How to utilize email marketing to nurture and grow your community

How to set up community chat and tactics to grow it organically

How to utilize current members to grow your community



At the end of this session you will have:

Plan of action to implement and see immediate engagement & follower growth

​Recording of our sessions for you to access

A clear understanding of your ideal audience and how to attract them

How to utilize content to nurture and grow your community chat

Tactics on how to break into the current Web3 comunity

A strategy that finally gives you guidance on how to grow your community organically

This class is for you if you....


"Is this class for me?"

Then this class is for you, click HERE to get your ticket

Pssst...I have limited slots available so grab your tickets soon

  • Wants to break into Web3 community

  • Desires to create an engaged community

  • Want a clear audit of their page

  • Want a strategy that will deliver the results

  • Need clear tactics on how to be consistent and grow their following online

  • Is working on dropping a new Web3 project

  • Has a new technology that would benefit Web3 consumer

  • Own a blockchain technology company

  • Want to break in/ learn about marketing in Web3

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